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GentleOne is a revolutionary type of Advanced Wound Dressing

GentleOne is a two-part occlusive dressing ideal for wounds with exudates. The first part, the hydrocolloid base, adheres to the skin for up to seven days and is gentle to the skin when removed. The second part, the cover, is highly absorbent premium hydrophilic foam dressing that provides oxygen permeability and a bacterial barrier.  It is 30% stronger when wet than similar hydrophilic foam. An adhesive system secures the base to the cover. With this system, the cover can be removed from the base and the base remains adhered to the skin, which permits numerous changes of the wound dressing (cover) without having to remove adhesives (base) from the skin. The design of GentleOne allows for placement of the dressing in the most difficult locations–e.g., venous leg ulcers. The advantages are reduced skin irritation, less risk of infection and improved patient comfort. Nursing effectiveness also is increased as the result of reduced time to change a dressing and less frequent dressing changes. In addition to the above advantages, the system is cost-effective.  GentleOne is offered in two separate pouches. The starter pouch includes a base and cover that have been assembled for ease of application. Replacement covers are sealed in individual pouches.

GentleOne Dressings come in light, moderate, and heavy foams with also a transparent cover available. It is available in 2×2, 3×4, 4×4, 4×10, and 6×6 inch sizes.


GentleOne “Window to the Wound”

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