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Advanced Topical, Antifungal Treatment

CIDACIN is a unique anti-fungal solution that uses dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and other excipients to deliver Tolnaftate to the site of infection. DMSO has extensive literature supporting its use as an excellent delivery vehicle for transportation of drugs through biological matrices, such as skin and nails. CIDACIN using DMSO as driver has been shown to be 85% effective at eradicating fungal species. CIDACIN is sold exclusively through physicians and comes with a money back guarantee to the patient.

Recently Podiatry Today has recognized CIDACIN antifungal (made by Pedicis Research) as one of the TOP TEN Innovations for 2013.


  • CIDACIN delivers a powerful one two punch with Tolnaftate and PVP Iodine


  • CIDACIN has been shown to penetrate deep into affected tissue


  • CIDACIN works to reduce inflammation and clears on, around and beneath the affected area


  • CIDACIN is safe, effective, and includes an unconditional guarantee



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