D`OXYVA is a clinically proven non-invasive and painless solution that instantly boosts blood circulation. D`OXYVA may detoxify the body, improve sleep, stamina, skin health, and improve body healing and beautification for people of all ages.


Better Blood Flow (increased blood circulation) can produce big benefits.  It may help prevent and even reverse the effects of such conditions as:


  • Heart attack and stroke
  • Diabetes and obesity
  • High blood pressure and hypertension


Today’s lifestyles create a need for a boost in blood flow to address:

  • Faster wound healing and patient recovery for burns and trauma
  • Chronic non-healing wounds often caused by diabetes
  • Prevention of amputation due to limb ischemia


D’OXYVA delivers a dramatic boost in blood flow!




D’OXYVA’s soft vapor of water and CO2 readily and safely dissolves in the skin. It is safe, easy to use, with no detrimental or adverse side effects as demonstrated in clinical trials. And it only takes 5 minutes per application.


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